The Most Incredible Story of Judicial Money Laundering in Canada

This blog is dedicateed to the memory of British Columbia Provincial Court Judge, Carol Baird Ellen, who was admitted into the Judicial Hall of Infamy after she laundered $1 million dollars of proceeds of crime in plain view of Canada's media who were so supine that they never uttered a word of criticism.

We explain the case, the background, the players and more.

We thjink Judge Carol Baird Ellen is a crook but you can read the facts and judge the judge yourself.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Did Judge Carol Baird Ellan Use Her Judicial Office To Launder Proceeds of Crime Totalling $1 Million

Judge Carol Baird Ellen 
One day, in Vancouver, British Columbia, an off duty policemen, was walking in a city park when he happened to notice a bag in a trash bin.

Instead of walking right past the bag in the trash bin, as most people would, this policeman decided to look into the bag and "lo and behold" he found that there was $1 million dollars in the bag that he had stumbled upon - very much by accident, or, so the story goes. 

We think the money was planted there as part of a pay off to the Vancouver City Police assisting some senior judges and the Attorney General for British Columbia to remove Premier Glen Clark from  office a year earlier in 1999.   The case took place in December 1999.

Co-incidentaqlly, this policemen knew about the law of "finders keepers" which basically means that if someone abandons property the finder can keep the property.  Finders keeper law is a pretty obscure area of law, so we think the policemen was guided by a lawyer and, probably, he was guided by a Chief Judge or Chief Justice because what happened later is an increbible tale of how the Vancouver City Police, the Attorney General for British Columbia and Provincial Court Judge, Carol Baird Ellan laundered $1 million.

When the case went to court, the Attorney General of British Columbia sent a lawyer to court.  Judge Carol Baird Ellan, reportedly, askled the lawyer (believed to have been George Copely), "Does the Crown with to argue that the funds are proceeds of crime and should be forfeited to the provincial treasury?"      

The lawyer for the government responded "No" and lost the opportunity to recover $1 million dollars for the taxpayers.

In what appears to have been a reward for services rendered, in June of 2000, Judge Carol Baird Ellan was appoined Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of British Columbia.

The appointemnt of the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of British Columbia is made by the Premier's Office on recommendation of the Attorney General.

Ujjal Dosanjh
The Attorney General of British Columbia in December, 1999, when Judge Carol Baird Ellan made her perverted decision was Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh (shown right).

The Premier of British Columbia in June 2000 when Carol Baird Ellan was appointed Chief Judge of the Provincial Court was Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh.

You be the Judge: 

Was Judge Carol Baird Ellan a crooked judge?